I have recently discovered a cool new Web 2.0 tool called “Blabberize.” Blabberize allows you to upload any picture and make it talk! If you have never used it before, you can view my instructional video here. I just created a “Blabber” as an introduction to a sixth grade social studies lesson about the Great Wall of China. In the lesson, students are asked to create a defense strategy to keep invaders out of a kingdom. Most students have no prior knowledge of the Great Wall of China. I will use the blabber to pique my students’ interest for this problem-based lesson. You can view my blabber here. After this project, students will learn about the Great Wall of China and compare it to their own defense strategy. This lesson is aligned with the following Maryland State Curriculum standards:

5.A.1.b. Explain how and why towns and cities grew from early human settlements, including the need for security and government.

5.B.4.a. Describe the causes and consequences of the unification of China under early imperial dynasties, such as the Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang.


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